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GPIO boot problems

  • Hello,

    Wondering if anyone has encountered this behaviour.

    I have 5 GPIO pins connected to several inputs. Most of the times these pins are closed (high). Whenever the onion has already booted things work as expected, but if there is a power loss there seems to be no way for the onion to boot. What happens is that the led lights up and then keeps blinking, as if there were some sort of boot loop, but its so quick it does nothing at all.

    I think that it might be the 5 GPIO pins are taking too much power from the onion on boot. I have them connected the following way:

    All 5 with a 10K resistor to ground and then to the same 2.5 V pin on the dock.

    I also (worth mentioning) have 3 relay expansions stacked on the onion. It boots without problems until I connect the GPIO header.

    Could the power here be an issue?

    Any way to solve this?

  • @Samuel-Mathieson Which are the 5 GPIO pins are you connecting to?
    There has previous been reported some anomalies with GPIO 8 and GPIO 12
    Also, don't forget that the following pins have special uses:

    • GPIO 20 - I2C SCL
    • GPIO 21 - I2C SDA

  • Kit,

    Thanks for that. I was using pin 12.

    Moving it seems to work.


  • Not sure if this is exactly the same thing, but yes I and at least one other noticed this problem:


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