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Interested in a dsl cable module!

  • I'm looking to use a omega as a AIO home router / WIFI I have Comcast so I can do that very Easly ( but would like to hack in my two antennas that come out of my existing router into the omega for added strength / range) but that still leaves me using a stupid modem that plugins via coax to add that to comcast I had to call give the serial number and they did the rest. It has to have DOCSIS 2.0 + but since 3.1 is out that would be cool.

    Would love to buy the two modules

    dsl cable module (coax + doxsis 3.0+)
    Wifi antennas module (lets you add 1- 4 antennas )

    that would be cool please do.@administrators @Global-Moderators

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