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Connect and communicate with ADC

  • Hi, how can I connect and communicate with an ADC like MAX11665 that has three pins for communication DOUT, CK and SCLK.

  • @yaseen-almanna From reading the data sheet for the MAX11665, it looks like it should be possible to access it using SPI. While I am not highly familiar with SPI usage on the Omega, doing a quick search shows that there are available opkg packages. It may be worth looking at the following packages:

    • spi-tool
    • spi-tools
    • libonionspi

    Additionally, for ADC, it may be worth looking at I2C based ADCs. I have successfully used the following that uses I2C connected to my Omega: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1083
    Though I don't actually use it myself, there is an opkg package for this:

    • ads1x15-chip

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