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NPM not found

  • Hi,
    I'm new to onion. I have successfully added a USB drive and downloaded node.js (verified with node -v). However when I type npm, I'm getting that onion can't find it. Any ideas?

    I did some searching and couldn't find anything.

    Thank you in advance!

  • @John Shields How did you install node.js?
    I have discovered that there are 2 packages that provide node installed via opkg as follows

    1. opkg install node - this seems to install both node and npm

    2. opkg install nodejs - this seems to install only node and NOT npm
      To get npm in this case, you need to also do:
      opkg install npm

    I would recommend doing the latter (i.e. install packages nodejs and npm separately) since this give you a more up to date version (v4.3.1) whereas doing the former (i.e.install package node only) gives you an earlier version (v0.12.7)

    Hope that helps.

  • @Kit-Bishop

    I believe I did opkg install nodejs as I'm at version 4.3.1 when I do node -v.

    I did try to do opkg npm but I believe the package was not found or there was a module error.

    I'll try again as I'm clearly fussy on it and post back.

  • Ok. I knew it was probably something simple. I did an opkg update then ran the install of npm and that worked.

    Thank you!

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