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Trying to connect Onion to 802.1x Wifi network

  • Hey guys,
    i'm actually trying to connect the onion to the wifi network of my company.
    We use a Certificate to authenticate our devices.

    Could you please tell me what's wrong with this config?

    -The Path of the Certificate works

    config wifi-iface
    option device 'radio0'
    option mode 'sta'
    option network 'wwan'
    option eap_type 'peap'
    option ssid 'WLAN_xyz'
    option encryption 'wpa-mixed'
    option auth 'MSCHAPv2'
    option client_cert '/root/cert/wifi.pem'
    option disabled '0'


  • administrators

    Hi @David-Nagl
    You will probably need to install the full wpad package as opposed to the wpad-mini package that comes with the Omega by default.

    Try following along with the Connecting to Enterprise WiFi tutorial, it doesn't 100% apply to your situation but there is some overlap, especially when it comes to installing the full wpad package.

    In terms of your config, it looks ok! Let us know how it goes!

  • I wasn't possible to solve the problem with the certificate.

    So I'm connecting to another network with my domain user and password.
    I have now a DMZ in the Network to access across the WIFI networks to the internal infrastructure.

  • administrators

    @David-Nagl Sorry to hear that, even with the full wpad?

    I'm glad you found an alternate solution though!

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