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MAC address catching via Bluetooth or wi-fi

  • Hi someone can help me to set up a onion so it will be able to grab a mac address from a device via bluetooth (lte or normal) or wi-fi, and then can localize geopgraphically the item in the range of action of the device ... step two is to store position of device so to intereact with a database ... that record every second or at programmed time the location and device withc can be recognizable from the onion device ... ti will be truly interesting if the project can be magaed so to create a net of onion device so to be able to expand over a very wide area ... hope to find someone that can manage this project ... i can't manage by myself ... Best regards



  • @Carlo-Oldani First step needed is grab the MAC address once this solved i think to be able to manage other aspect, but need help in catching address and data of signal, strenght and so on ...
    and thanks a lot for reading


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