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Maximum Voltage that Onion Regulator can handle

  • I'm trying to power an onion from a 12V source. How much step-down do I need to do before the internal voltage regulators can take hold without worrying about overheating the board? I reviewed the datasheet and saw section 7.1 on "Absolute Maximum Ratings" where the power supply was -0.3 to 1.8V. Does that mean I can run 3.0V to 5.1V and still stay "safe" for my precious Onions? The recommended appears directly below in 7.2's "Recommended Operating Conditions" showing 2.97<=x<=3.63.

    I just wanted to be clear. Stepping down isn't an issue but I don't want to burn out any components.


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    @Stephen-Tunney So the Omega runs at 3.3V.
    The 3.0V to 5.1V part is referring to the GPIOs.

    If you're trying to power the Omega directly, you'll need to step down the voltage to 3.3V. Any more will likely damage the Omega.

    If you're trying to power the Omega on a Dock, you'll need to step down the voltage to 5V and connect it to the 5V line on the Dock.

    Hope this helps

  • @Lazar-Demin Your response is perfect. I will have to power the dock since I need a USB stick for the python stack. 5V FTW! šŸ™‚

    Thank you!

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