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Omega Runs very warm, yellow light blinks constantly

  • I think that my Omega from the original Kickstarter has developed issues. It originally worked fine a few months ago when it arrived. But, I've been waiting for the Power Dock to arrive to really starting using the Omega for a portable project. On the second time I've used it, I did the oupgrade to get the current firmware. Now when I plug it in, the Omega gets quite warm and the yellow light blinks constantly (even after the bootstrap process is done). I can see the Omega SSID on the laptop's WiFi, can get to the console, but never seem to be able to get the Omega connected to the home WiFi.

    Has the poor little Omega died already? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    @Darrell-Little That's very strange! The Omega should be pretty tough, let's try to identify what's going on.

    Does it behave the same way on all of the Docks that you have? Is there any output when it's connected via serial and you press the reset button?

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