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Thoughts on a Portable Chatting Room?

  • Is it possible to create an portable room chat with the Omega??

    I will be getting my Omega 2+ from Kickstarter so I haven't tried the product yet, nor do I have any ideas in the solid currently. This may sound like a waste of the use of the Omega but, I think I wanna create a portable, private, anonymous (or sign in) chat room. This would be like the secret chat room from the books or movies and what not. Something like the PirateBox This would be ideal for the high school or college setting.

    I have no clue how it would all go down (slightly day-dreaming / brainstorming with no idea of the capabilities if it can or cannot work):
    -Probubly work off of the wifi and create a server URL for those to enter the room. (could this get blocked from the router? If not that would be amazing and powerful)
    -Maybe a "enter name" box to get started into the chat
    -If it was a "sign in" it would have to be one account per computer to avoid multiple anonymous accounts from one person.
    -Powered by a power bank most likely

    I have no clue what to think of this. I'm just thinking up of some ideas to use my Omega 2+ for. What are all your thoughts on this? Also, what are other creative ideas of uses for the Onion Omega 2? The more imaginative the better!!

  • In the wiki it has a lot of tutorials where you get ideas of what you could do with your Omega2.

    To get in to IOT you should first understand the hard and software of it. Tutorials help to do so.

    Do not be disappointed when nobody answers you of your day-dreaming šŸ˜‰

  • administrators

    @Victor-Chiang Yep, all of this is definitely doable with the Omega2!
    The Omega can totally act as a webserver and host any custom website that you design, in this case, your chatroom.

    You can even run it from the Omega's own WiFi AP so you will never have to worry about some router blocking your transmissions!

    Make sure to let us know when your project is done!!!

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