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Omega Setup Wizard Hangs [RESOLVED]

  • After connecting (via Wifi) to my brand new Omega with a browser and setting up the Wifi (successfully) the process stopped at "Downloading Updates". The gas gauge is completely blank and its been close to an hour now. The amber light on the Omega is on steady.

    Any suggestions?

  • Problem Solved!

    ...well sort of. I took the chance and rebooted after connecting via the serial/USB connection and it booted fine. I then ran oupdate and the update succeeded. Everything seems to be working fine now.

    I'm not sure why the Web based wizard hangs during the software upgrade step.

  • Could be, that you lost network or you got a time out. The firmware is a quite large file where has to be downloaded and in the end substituted with the actual one.

    Without Boot-log before and after update it is quite difficult to make a diagnose.

    You made the right thing trying a alternative šŸ˜‰

  • administrators

    @Mitch-Christensen We were doing some maintenance of the firmware servers yesterday in preparation for the Omega2, I'm guessing that caused your issues!

    Should be ok from here on out!
    Can you please add [RESOLVED] to the post title?

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