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About the Hologram partnership...

  • About the Hologram partnership, I was wondering who designed the cellular expansion for the Omega2, Hologram? or Onion? I'm wondering because I'm interested by such an expansion module, but using a different chipset, namely, the TOBY-L200. This one is costly but it runs on the LTE 4G network and happens to be compatible with frequencies actually used by my Internet provider, so not that huge of a burden on my monthly subscription afterward.

    It's such a shame that cellular frequencies are not the same all over the world. The cost would be more affordable if standardized.

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    @fossette The Cellular Expansion was designed by the nice folks at Hologram šŸ™‚

  • Thanks Lazar! I was afraid of that answer... Since Hologram's business model is to sell cellular airtime, it would be a waste of resources for them to create modules with different chipsets, and that's very understandable. So many chipset variations are out there. It's unreal!

    If I had the electronic knowledge to create the module, I would. My only strength is software.

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