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Help with Cross Compile

  • They will give answer, just not jet in this moment. How long the campaign is on it shows on the Kick-starter Page.

  • @Luciano-S. Thank you for your many and detailed contributions to the community posts - it's what a community is all about even if we disagree at times.

    First, let me say that I am a great fan of the Omega and think it is one of the best systems of its type - albeit with some short comings that need addressing. (I think my many posts and contributions attest to my support of the Omega)
    Also the Omega people are in general always very responsive and helpful with issues and this is much appreciated.

    I also agree that the best way for dealing with issues is:

    • report any problems with all pertinent details
    • ask if other community members have any thoughts and or/solutions
    • where possible and where sufficient information is available attempt to fix the issue oneself and contribute back the fixes by posting or (if possible) creating a pull request

    Some specific points in this communication:

    1. I most definitely am not whining about the state of affairs - my original post in this topic was not a complaint but rather a response about the current situation in reply to the original post by @Mitch-Christensen and I was indicating that not all information is currently available to do what he asked about.

    2. While the Omega itself is proprietary hardware, it has always been advertised as open source both in the the original and second kickstarters and on the web site. Consequently, one would expect all source to be available. If it's all available, there is more chance for community members to work on and contribute back fixes to outstanding issues

    3. Not all participants in the community have the necessary knowledge or skill sets to deal with all issues. The issue with kernel version mismatch falls in to this category - particularly with the lack of complete source information. But it is an issue that can cause a lot of people significant problems with being unable to install the packages they require with (usually) no obvious work around.
      As such I consider this a bit of a blocker issue in many cases and the fact that it has not been addressed yet reflects adversely on the value and utility of the Omega

  • @Kit-Bishop the last thing I want is to make you mad. I also appreciate your posts and try to show it when I'm up-vote them šŸ˜‰
    The sentence i tried to exclude with brackets from the direct speech. So this about whining was not really addressed to you.
    Sorry if i offended you with that.

    It is late here ... i will probably come back to this post again a other time...

  • @Luciano-S. All Good šŸ™‚

  • I still would be happy if just the .config file used to build Omega release images was published, see my post from a while ago.

    Even if some packages were not available (@Kit-Bishop: which ones did you find missing? Back when I tried, the onion feed seemed pretty complete), the .config would help as a reference to get the rest of the package selection right.

    For the time being, I reverted to stock OpenWrt, adding only a few packages from the onion feed (such as the wifi related packages) - this works fine and is sufficient for my current project.

    But still it's a pity all the great work done by Omega regarding usability, apps, desktop etc. is not on board when doing it that way.

  • @Lukas-Zeller Totally Agree šŸ™‚ The .config file would be a great start - along with easy access to ALL Omega specific customisations.
    While theoretically possible to deduce what packages should be included by comparing what you get with an official Omega release to what is available via menu config on the base OpenWRT stuff, it is a tedious process and doesn't necessarily supply what feeds should be used.

    I too just reverted to a stock vanilla OpenWRT version which does work but without Omega specific bits.

  • @Kit-Bishop said in Help with Cross Compile:

    I too just reverted to a stock vanilla OpenWRT version which does work but without Omega specific bits.

    Would it be possible to download it from somewhere? Ready to install without compiling first?

  • @Luciano-S. I could produce a stock vanilla OpenWRT version and put it on Git Hub if this would be of general use to you and other people.
    Though it would help to know what packages would be essential to you in such a version.
    Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  • @Kit-Bishop said in Help with Cross Compile:

    @Luciano-S. I could produce a stock vanilla OpenWRT version and put it on Git Hub if this would be of general use to you and other people.

    For me would be ok for that what you have (if it not needs additional memory as USB etc.)... to play around and discover. I do have a Ethernet and relay expansion. As i do have 2 Omegas i could compare what fits better for me.

    Probably useful would be a editor as nano and python3-light.
    Til now i just had the omegas with the mini docks ... since view weeks i have the expansions.

  • @Luciano-S. OK. I will put something together and put it on git hub. Will post here when it's done

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