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[OpenWRT] where can I find the .config for the default firmware?

  • Maybe it's a dumb openwrt newbie question: Where can I find the .config as it is used to build the regular Omega firmware image?

    I managed to build and run stock openwrt, and also some packages from my own feed, but I haven't been successful finding the right set of packages for building the same feature set as in the standard firmware.

    As far as I understood the OpenWRT build environment, the selection of packages for a given platform/feature set is in the .config file, but I could not find it published anywhere. Of course, make menuconfig creates a .config, but with everything except pure OpenWRT essentials disabled. Just by trying, it's hard to figure out the needed set of enabled packages.

    There seem to be a few flaws in the dependenices, for example some onion packages refer to an apparently no longer existing python-mini. Once I found I had to manually enable python instead, this worked. But things like this are hard to figure out without a reference .config...

    Thanks for any hint!

  • @Lukas-Zeller I have had the same issue šŸ˜ž Have managed to build a complete OpenWRT system that runs on my Omega, but it is lacking some packages and is lacking any Onion Omega branding. It is difficult to know exactly what packages to include and where to get the Omega specific stuff from. I suggested to the Omega guys that they make the actual repository they use available instead of just the generic git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git that is covered in https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Cross-Compile but got no response.

  • @Kit-Bishop I think if they did make a repo it would be awesome, I definitely would try to contribute.

  • @Chris-McCaslin Here's hoping. They must have something like it to produce the upgrades. If it were made available, it would obviously have to be read-only- but it would be a great boon.

  • Apparently, it's not just .config which is missing, but some other files as well. At least, I could not find the Onion Omega version of the /etc/banner file anywhere (which contains the ASCII-Art welcome message displayed when you login on the console).

    But I got a step further by comparing the output of

    opkg list-installed

    executed on a Omega with Onion FW image and on one with my own OpenWRT build. This reveals which packages need to be enabled for sure.

    I've now switched them on using make menuconfig and will give it a try (build running, not finished yet)

    There might be still stuff missing (like the /etc/banner file)

  • @Lukas-Zeller Yes, that's pretty well what I did to be able to build a usable image with at least the main basic packages. It worked OK and was installable and runnable on my Omega - but, as you say it was missing some files such as the /etc/banner file - there may well have been other differences I didn't detect. It would really be good if we could get the official stuff - i.e. what is used to build the latest image as can be found in http://repo.onion.io/omega/images/

  • @chris-mccaslin Yes. Though I think this is just packages that can be installed using opkg - I don't think this includes packages that are built in to the Omega image(s) - though I stand to be corrected if I am mistaken šŸ™‚

  • @chris-mccaslin Further to my last post above: I believe that the sources for the packages that are at http://repo.onion.io/omega/packages/ can be found at https://github.com/OnionIoT/OpenWRT-Packages

  • @Kit-Bishop Yes, https://github.com/OnionIoT/OpenWRT-Packages is the source for the "Onion" feed. It has a makefile for each of the Omega-specific packages, which in turn refer to the actual package repositories (all in https://github.com/OnionIoT).

    So we have almost everything, except a little bit of "glue":
    First, the .config that would show which packages need to be enabled and which ones should remain disabled (for example, I found that Onion-Console and setup-wizard are mutually exclusive).
    Second, there seems to be some more runtime config missing, probably stuff in /etc, in addition to the obviously missing banner file.

    By now, I have an image with the same set of packages installed as in an original Omega. The Onion Console accessible, but not all applets work. Calculator, Resistor, Status, Settings, Editor seems to be ok, Terminal only shows "session closed", OLED control does not work, the rest I couldn't test yet.

  • @Lukas-Zeller It would be really awesome, if the creators of the Onion Omega could share the complete build setup for the default OpenWRT they are shipping. This would make things easier to extend and to fix. Hey I guess, even issues could be fixed by the community, when everything would be open sourced on GitHub!

    I'd like to extend the OpenWRT for the Omega with a few packages and have the problem to fix openvpn (due to outdated tun .ko). Without such a open repo it's just hard for everybody.

  • I have the exact same problem.
    I need kmod-tun for my project, and it looks like the kernel is build with module version magic enabled, so I cannot simply use my own module.

    So where do we find the .config for OpenWRT so we can simply recreate the image?

  • I'm interested, too. A Docker Image with everything setup would be the best in my opinion.

  • @Alexander-Pitzer A docker image would be most convenient! But that's something the community could do, once the .config is known (plus maybe some stuff for /files).

    Figuring out the right .config by reverse engineering however would be really tedious and completely redundant work, because that .config already does exist - only it's not available! So I still hope Onion will decide to publish it! Any chances for that, @Lazar-Demin?

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