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linux command serial connection help

  • Hi I received a power dock, relay, bluetooth, and omega yesterday. wifi connects well and managed to access the online web connection to change password etc.
    However I am having real trouble with serial USB0 connection via command line with both Ubuntu and linux mint on two different laptops and with two different cables.
    I get as far as obtaining this as in step 5 of guide:
    Step 5: Run ls /dev/ttyUSB* to see if the USB-to-Serial device can be detected. If the driver is successfully installed, you should be able to see a device with a name similar to /dev/ttyUSB0.
    I get a different coloured command line response which means driver is installed
    then when I try step 6
    sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200
    the terminal hangs goes blank with no response. crashes.

    any help please?

  • well what a plonker I am........ resolved this after many hours fiddling with hardware and drivers, the terminal goes blank after screen command and thats what got me,,....all you have to do is re-hit enter..

    fool :):):)

  • Welcome to the community!
    Very nice complete request you made.

    I'm using Linux Mint too. The LMDE version, and not see the ttyUSB0 version all the time. Before switching the onion on, i check if i see it under /dev/ttyUSB0. If not i have to change the USB Port or unplug and plugin again. Really annoying but who knows ... with the new Kernel 3.16.36 it might be better.

    If you put your User in the dial-up group, you don't need sudo with the screen command.

    To exit screen is a other thing .. if interested check out here. I made a addition in the wiki about that.

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    Happy Omega šŸ˜‰

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    Hi @simon-jones you mentioned that you are using a Power Dock? The Power Dock does not include a USB-to-Serial chip meaning that you will not be able to connect via serial, as mentioned in the Power Dock wiki. Please use SSH instead.

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