Simple things.. We see it scanned the SSID properly and you chose the WiFi-JYB8 ap so to confirm your security on the ap is indeed WPA2? Is the password correct? CAPS LOCK on by chance? How is the WiFi setup? There could be so many things here that could be wrong but until you've ruled out the ones that you have control over; we can't help on the things you don't. I have also seen, not on the Omega2's, where a 5ghz N Channel will get picked up by a scan but the 2.4ghz radio won't connect to it. It depends if the channel for 5ghz is locked or will downgrade for a 2.4ghz connection. Again, many things that you can check and if you gave more info on what you've tried already; it would help. Just posting what you have with no real description doesn't help anyone. Good luck with her and will follow along..