@Ken-Conrad said in USB boot without serial: @Sebastian-Nilsson Maybe, but be careful with the PL2303 USB TTL-adapter boards or cables - the one I have (came with a Raspberry Pi- Adafruit) measures 5 volts on the Vcc line and 4.7V on the data lines and there is no jumper option for 3v3. The Omegas are rated at 3.3 ~ 3.6V. I powered an Omega2 for perhaps an hour with that PL2303 and the Omega's RF shield got really hot, then I measured the voltage on the PL2303's lines and decided not to do that again! If you care about the longevity of your Omega powering it with 5V is not a good choice. A CP210X adapter like WereCatf recommended is the USB TTL adapter to get, they always work and have 3V3 lines. hi, i bought a new dock instead with serial