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Omega Dock power issue?

  • Hello,

    i've connected BMP280 sensor to Omega's Dock (3.3v) and collecting a temperature and pressure data via I2C. Sometimes i'm getting higher or lower values, as a result it looks like a spikes on graphs. I'm using a regular phone USB charger as a power source.
    So, looks like the Dock is not good enough to stabilize the voltage?

    0_1477132817025_pres (3).png

  • I have a BME280 -- very similar; it includes temperature and humidity in the same package; they might actually be the same product, just with one part zapped -- and it's reporting fine without spikes. I'm doing the same kind of graphing job, I think.

    I'm feeding the Expansion Dock with 5V from a good power supply with a barrel connector, rather than a USB charger. A power supply and a charger are quite different, though: chargers tend not to provide good power, especially third-party/no-names/knockoffs. I doubt the Expansion Dock will stabilize that well enough. I'd suggest getting hold of an authentic Apple USB charger temporarily just to see if it makes a difference, as I've found them to be of much better (smoother) electrical quality than others.

    Hope that helps!

  • and/or use a scope and amp meter on the DC power lines to see if there's an issue.

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