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Oupgrade will swap user files?

  • It seems every time I oupgrade the firmware, the installed software and my files are swapped. Any method to avoid this?

  • @Jun Cao As I understand it, when you do an oupgrade only files within the /etc directory are preserved, all else will get removed/replaced.

    It is also my understanding that this will be dealt with in a future release.

    However, I also note that the file /etc/sysupgrade.conf contains the following:

    ## This file contains files and directories that should
    ## be preserved during an upgrade.

    # /etc/example.conf
    # /etc/openvpn

    I intend to experiment with this.
    Would any of the Omega people care to comment?

  • Thanks for reply, @Kit-Bishop . I'll take an experiment for next upgrade, since I've already upgraded to the latest version.

  • @Jun-Cao I can confirm that the trick with /etc/sysupgrade.conf works šŸ™‚
    I did the following:

    • Created two directories in /
      • /testa
      • /testb
    • Changed /etc/sysupgrade.conf to have line:
      • /testa/
    • Ran oupgrade -force
      Note that the -force option forces an upgrade to occur even if it isn't needed
    • Checked the directories after the upgrade:
      • /testa still existed - it was named in /etc/sysupgrade.conf
      • /testb no longer existed - it was not named in /etc/sysupgrade.conf

  • I made a directory called /home. I put /home in etc/sysupgrade.conf but it still got erased on oupgrade -force. Does this only work inside of /etc or am i missing something? I checked with openwrt references and couldn't find a solution.

  • @Chuck-Parro Not sure why you should be having a problem. I have two directories in my etc/sysupgrade.conf file and they are getting preserved over an upgrade.

    Are you sure you have entry for the directory, not just a file.
    My understanding, though I haven't checked in detail is that a file you want to be preserved should be named without a trailing / character: e.g. /myfile and that a directory to be preserved should have a trailing / character: e.g. /mydir/
    That's what's working for me. Perhaps the Omega guys could confirm.

  • I have tried every variation i can think of to get it to work but no luck. Is it possible that something changed in the latest upgrade?

  • @Chuck-Parro Sorry to hear you are having problems with this. It has all been working fine with me.
    Could you post a copy of your /etc/sysupgrade.conf file from your Omega so I (or someone else) could have a look at it.

  • I found my error. When i used the built in editor to add the lines to sysupgrade.conf i didn't hit 'enter' after the last line to signify eol. I noticed it when i used cat to display the file as i got ready to post another message. Sorry to waste your time but thank you for helping.

  • I was wrong. The dir only gets saved by sysupgrade.conf if it has something in it. If the dir i add is empty it doesn't get saved. When i put some dummy file into it it works. Does this make sense or is there something else i am missing.

  • @Chuck-Parro Glad to hear you got something sorted. šŸ™‚ Interesting to know about the issue with empty directories - I'll see what I get with that case.

  • @Chuck-Parro I agree with you regarding empty directories not getting preserved.

    • Just created two directories under /
    • One I left empty, one I put a file in
    • Named both in /etc/sysupgrade.conf
    • Did an oupgrade -force
    • The directory with a file was preserved, the empty directory was removed

    @Boken-Lin I'd say this was a bug that probably should be fixed. Should I raise a ticket under https://github.com/OnionIoT/Onion-Console/issues ?

  • Thanks Kit.

  • administrators

    @Kit-Bishop that's odd... not really a Console issue though, I'll look into it.

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    @Kit-Bishop @Chuck-Parro
    ok I've looked into the mechanism that preserves files noted in /etc/sysupgrade.conf, it looks for files in the directories specified.

    If you want to preserve a directory (i presume for mount points?), make a dummy file in it. The dummy file can be empty.

  • @Lazar-Demin Yes, thanks - that pretty much matches my experience.
    And you are right about wanting to preserve mount point directories.
    I name 2 directories in /etc/sysupgrade.conf that i want preserved:

    • My USB mount point
    • My /root directory - that's where I put files I'm currently working on and testing and I don't want them wiped over an upgrade - though that obviously isn't an issue if /root is empty at the time of upgrade since it gets re-created on the upgrade

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    @Kit-Bishop yep, that's exactly my reasoning with the /root directory

    The next firmware release will have /etc/sysupgrade.conf updated to include /root
    coming very soon!!!

  • @Lazar-Demin Cool - thanks šŸ™‚

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