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Anybody gotten node to work?

  • I've got my omega2 all set up (with minidock) and have been able to see the web gui, ssh into it, get it connected to my home wifi, all that good stuff.

    I wanted to see if it runs node. i've done opkg install node which seems to work fine. But when I try to npm install anything I get:

    Assertion failed: (sk_num(((_STACK*) (1 ? (comp_methods) : (struct stack_st_SSL_COMP*)0)))) == (0) (../src/node_crypto.cc: InitCryptoOnce: 5482)

    Anybody seen this? It looks like maybe an incompatibility with how SSL is installed, but I'm not sure how I'd go about diagnosing and fixing that.

    EDIT : Node itself seems to work fine, I execute that binary and it puts me into the REPL just fine. It's only NPM causing me grief.

  • did you see this:

    it was for omega1 ... but i belief it would work on omega2 also ...

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