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Cannot update it for the first time webpage!!

  • the onion omega i got it tomorrow, started up with 3.3v regulator (ams1117 3.3) with cap.

    it proceeds the setup and downloading firmware... but stops at half way . checked for 30 mins and still there!!

    done many times but no progress.

    Please help

  • I have the same situation - got the Omega2 today, plugged in and started through the setup (following instructions here. Get to the firmware update and it hangs, after 30 minutes no progress on the progress bar. The instructions say "this process takes several minutes."

    How long is the firmware update supposed to take?

  • Perhaps I have answered my own question - leaving the Omega2+ alone for a couple of hours, coming back and finding the progress bar showing no progress at all I was disappointed. However, reloading the page took me to the normal sign in screen - maybe the progress bar is broken but the update works anyway.

  • @Thomas-Hicks If your device is still on a very old firmware, like e.g. 0.1.5 b130 or something, then yes, that part is kinda broken. It works better in newer firmware.

  • Accurate diagnosis @WereCatf , thanks! I had assumed a device right from the factory would have the latest firmware on it but it is indeed using the 0.1.5 b130. Maybe that is @Ajay-Kumar's problem too, hope this helps.

  • @Thomas-Hicks I think that what happens with the older firmware is that when the update is done, the Omega has to shutdown to restart with the new firmware and doesn't re-establish the connection properly to report completion of the update - well that's my guess anyway šŸ™‚

  • I have this issue as well. What is the answer? If the progress bar just hangs how do we complete the upgrade to new firmware and get the console installed?

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