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Omega with No Dock - Wifi is missing

  • Dear all,
    I,m pretty new here and did my first steps with my new Onions. Somehow I forgot to order docks for my 4 new Onions. So I tried to set it up without a dock. I followed the guide "Powering the Omega with No Dock" https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/hardware-prep-no-dock.html and used the same "LD1117 3.3V Regulator". I measure a 3.3V and Onions LED blinks and it seems the it should boot.
    But somehow I don't see a Onion Wifi. Tried almost everything now. Different power sources, different clients to enter Onions Access Point and also tried out 4 Onions...

    I'm sure that I missed something or made a simple mistake - but I cant solve this by my own. Does anyone has a hint for me?

    Thanks in advance.

  • ... one hour later - I changed nothing - the Onion Wifi appeared. I could log in and go through the setup, but only to step 2. Then the Wifi disappeared again.

  • You would be definitely on the saver side with a dock ... so you could connect via serial (USB) and configure them in a terminal manually and go back to a lower version if the newest has a bug.

    We should open a request where we could buy and sell hardware from each other. Some ppl. who gave up and have Hardware lying around. So maybe ppl. could get faster hardware they urgently need.

  • @ChrisK

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble. It sounds like your power connections to the Omega pins may be loose and periodically disconnecting, but we'd need pictures of your setup in order to troubleshoot further. It also may take anywhere from 1-3 minutes to fully boot and start broadcasting the AP, which sometimes happens to my own units in the office.

    Just a friendly reminder that we need photos to investigate hardware-related issues as requested in our guidelines :slight_smile:


  • administrators

    @ChrisK Please see our article on running the Omega with no Dock: https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/hardware-prep-no-dock.html

    We've confirmed that setup work well with the Omega2. For best performance and the most functionality, we recommend using the Omega with a Dock!

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