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GPS Module?

  • Hi,

    I Received my Omega 2 yesterday and so far I have got the GPS module online and I can see the output in /dev/ttyACM0

    I have left the whole lot outside for about an hour now and am still not seeing a fix. Is there something I am missing or is it really begging for me to use an external antenna.

    When it is outside I am running it on a power dock from a fully charged Li-Ion battery

    a small sample of the nmea data is below.


    Any Ideas most welcome.


  • administrators

    @Ian-Marchant Can you please post a photo of you setup as per the guidelines (https://community.onion.io/topic/787/guidelines-for-posting-issues-please-read-first)

  • Hi,

    Will add photo later when home from work.

    Have just updated the firmware to V145 so will check it all again when i get in.

  • Hi,

    Took some time but terrible photo of setup is below. This was situated on the window ledge but the same setup was outside for 24hours with no fix.


    I have now got the microSD working and so have a massive logfile (400k lines) showing no fix. I did see comments regarding the original omega and needing to use the GPS well away from the Omega. I have a USB extension lead from work to try later in the hope of it working.

  • Well, After purchasing an external active antenna it looks like there is possibly an issue with the antenna on the gps board.

    the active antenna is currently sitting on my desk in the middle of our office (nearest window 15 feet away) and it is now seeing 11 satellites on the u-blox test software. Now to try this on the omega itself.

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