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Home Assistant script

  • Hello guys.

    I have written a small script to integrate gpios and relays into home assistant as restful sensors and restful switches while trying to keep the number of packages required to install to a minimum.

    I am thinking of a way to integrate the OLED into home assistant, but don't really know what I might use it for with HA. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    If anyone is interested in this script please let me know. I would be happy to post it.

  • Can you share your work?

  • @Samuel-Mathieson i have thought of using a home asssitant as a sort of security device that would sense movement/sound and as response trigger a tear gas or pepper spray along with playing a pre-recorded message from any of several locations based on the location of the intruder. the HA playing the part of a presumed occupant would be able to react dynamically to the movements of the intruder. plus, it would notify me and i could join in remotely and interact with the intruder in some pre-defined way. otherwise a HA play no part in my daily life. i've never been interested in having a recording device in my home 24/7 to talk to and ask questions, etc. but, i'd be interested in reading what you have come up with.

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