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New Omega2+ seems to be "dead"

  • Hello 2 all!

    Yesterday my new Onion Omega 2+ with expansion dock arrived (Kickstarter edition) 😄 .
    Unfortunately the Omega seems to be "dead" 😞 . The "amber" LED does not light up at all but the RGB LED on the dock just flickers when switching on the board and then stays OFF.

    Checking according the help information on "help omega2 not working ..." did not help:

    • Using different USB cables did not change anything.

    • Using the expansion dock I connected to different power supplies (MacBook pro, iPhone power, USB Hub, ...) did not change anything.

    • The Omega 2+ fits tight into its base on the dock ... (see pictures and Terminal output)

    • Checking the 3,3 V sources on the dock showed available power (3,3V) on the expected outlets

    • Also the power on the soldered pins of the Omega 2+ is as expected 3,3V ...

    • The Terminal monitored no connection to the Omega ...:

        ____       _             ____
       / __ \___  (_)__  ___    / __ \__ _  ___ ___ ____ _
      / /_/ / _ \/ / _ \/ _ \  / /_/ /  ' \/ -_) _ `/ _ `/
      \____/_//_/_/\___/_//_/  \____/_/_/_/\__/\_, /\_,_/
      W H A T  W I L L  Y O U  I N V E N T ? /___/"

      Board: Onion Omega2 APSoC DRAM: 128 MB
      relocate_code Pointer at: 87f60000



    According to my opinion, the dock works but not the Omega 2+. 😞
    Is there any help?

    Thank you very much in advance, 👍


  • @Jürgen-Pollex The fact that you're getting text on the serial-port very clearly shows it's not dead.

  • @Jürgen-Pollex , I would say take some more shots of the Omega itself ... see if there are some soldering bridges ... close ups from the butom and from the top would help to see it.

    Otherwise a reinstalling from the newest Firmware could help. As i do not use Omega2 jet, so I' m not sure if the procedure for de-bricking is still the same.

  • thx, I´ll produce the pics as soon as possible.

  • Here the pics:

    2_1485462227669_IMG_0276.JPG 1_1485462227668_IMG_0275.JPG 0_1485462227658_IMG_0274.JPG

    Unfortunately, I could not recognize an obvious defect ... 😞

    Thx in advance,


  • Look closely at the array of exposed metal strips. One of them appears to have a couple of holes that the one I have in my hand doesn't have.

  • @Jürgen-Pollex In the first photo BTW. Halfway down the left-hand row of exposed metal hashes.

  • THX,
    yes, I found in the 11th strip two holes ans some solder. But how does this help me further? What shall be the next step? Contact the Onion team?

    Thank you in advance,

  • re: yes, I found in the 11th strip two holes ans some solder.

    That should be ok. Contact #11 and #12 are both connected thru "via" (these 2 through holes.)


  • Dear Community,

    A big THX for your support and information so far. Unfortunately it did not solve my problem. Nevertheless now my (at least for me) the central question:

    How do I get a working Omega 2+?

    • send the "old" one back to get an replacement?
    • somehow update the actual one (what is needed to do so; actually I´ve at home only the Omega and a expansion dock)?
    • order a new one?
    • leave the path of Omega (worst case) ...

    Thx in advance,
    kind regards,


  • @Jürgen-Pollex , you made what onion.io was asking for. When you make a ticket then include this request (link to it). They will give you more details. Asking for tools to do some more Hardware testing and/or ask for a replacement.

  • Given that you say that the terminal monitored no connection to the board, but then immediately follow that with a quote from the terminal showing connection to a board, it's a bit unclear how anyone could help.

  • @Chris-Stratton , thanks for showing up this. Count this according my missing experience with this kind of Problems. Nevertheless at first I thought, that the message came from the driver or the expansion dock. Afterwards I recognized that there should be a sort of connection to the Omega 2+, because the memory was displayed. On the other hand - compared with other monitor / screenshots after an Omega - restart, my picture was total different ... :fleur-de-lis:

  • I have the two little holes in the golden metal strips too, but no solder as you do. Btw, your photos are really sharp for the size! Nicely done!

    There's a component soldered sideways near the SD card connector edge, the edge opposite to the card entrance. Not sure if it's connected or not because it's darker there.

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