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Omega doesn't power up

  • Connected both boards to 3.3V power source and I can't see the LED turning on at all. I even have checked the power with a multimeter and it all looks fine, it's just my boards don't work.

  • @Greg--Lorincz How much current does your power-supply give out? It's not just the voltage, but also the current-capability that matters. Also, did you check if they spit out anything on the serial-port? I would recommend you double-check that your power-supply is actually capable of providing enough current (~250mA+) and then checking if anything happens on the serial-port.

    If there's nothing going on on the serial-port and you're absolutely sure the power-supply is also good, you could try and compare your boards to the pictures I posted at http://community.onion.io/topic/1332/close-up-pictures-of-working-omega2/2 and see if there are any solder-bridges -- e.g. one guy had a solder bridge next to the microSD-card slot that prevented his board from booting up, but cutting that bridge with a knife fixed the issue.

  • @Greg-Lorincz I would say the Omega's are pretty well made and generally most work to specification. There are a small number that are faulty but it seems to be quite a small proportion.

    Omega's are VERY particular about the power they need. I have many power units and most don't work with the Omega. For most people if they find the correct power supply all will be fine.

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