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Omega2 audio: I2S rocki vs usb audio?

  • Hey gang - great job on your work. And big kudos as a fellow Canadian working in the field!

    I'm building an interactivity kit for community radio stations and we are looking for a device to wirelessly transmit two way audio to and from a radio mixer over wifi. I use a google chromecast audio at home and its great but it doesn't have an audio in port (too bad) so I can't use it for this project.

    My current thinking on options:

    A) Usb Audio card with Omega2 (and expansion board), like the white one in your boombox project which has audio in/out.


    B) Rocki I2S audio expansion you are shipping.

    What is the differences? Audio quality? speed? reliability?
    Any considerations around future support/avilability of I2S rocki?

    Thanks for your thoughts?
    Also - can I order these now?

    Thank you!

  • It is hard to say - there is no much data on the Rocki thing.

    That said USB sound card is a sure bet - you can get a really good quality one. Just check that it is supported by Linux.

    Both use digital audio - no much difference there. The USB could be a bit higher latency. With the USB you can get more channels, the i2s is stereo only.

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