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Changing omega's name

  • Hello,
    It is possible to change the omega's name "omega-ABCD.local" which is variable by a fixed name i.e: "myomega.local"?
    I searched in /etc/config but not found...

    Thank you.

  • can't that be done in the console settings? i'm not near one now but i kinda remember seeing an option like that.

  • I had to install Console by opkg (https://community.onion.io/topic/1169/cant-install-editor-app-on-omega2plus/2), because nothing was installed by the setup wizard.

    Now I can change the hostname with the console.
    But if someone knows the file to change...

    Thank you Douglas

  • From the command line, you can read the host name with

    uci show system.@system[0].hostname

    You can change the hostname with

    uci set system.@system[0].hostname=your-host-name

    Then restart the avahi if you are using the .local domain

    /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon restart

    Or just a reboot will come up with your new host name too.

    reboot now

  • Thank you Jeff

  • I realise that this is older post but the question is related.

    Thanks for the solution Jeff, it works but as soon as I reboot the omega2 it reverts back to its original hostname. Is there any way to make the hostname change permanent? I tried making a script on boot that will change the hostname, which works but I still cant use the new name to access the console via the browser or SSH into omega2 (the old name still works though).

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

  • you could try /etc/config/system option hostname

  • When using uci to change configuration always remember to commit the changes. I'd suggest:

    uci set system.@system[0].hostname=your-host-name
    uci commit

    Try that to see who your Omega thinks it is after the reboot.


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