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[SOLVED] Setting up using Arduino DOCK

  • Hi there!

    A short question here. Is there a chance to set up the omega2+ for the first time, using an arduino dock instead of the "normal" dock?

    I need to checkout my shopping cart, but rather not to buy 2 docks and just the Arduino dock which is that I want.

    Tahnk you for the kindly answers/

  • the arduino dock works for first time setup. it is basically a software routine that happens when power is applied to the module the first time. but, br sure to read the documentation carefully when it ccmes time to set up the arduino dock. that will require a specific set of software and i think it was even updated once after the original so read up on the arduino dock before you set it up.

  • Hi @Diego-Porras ,

    As @Douglas-Kryder mentioned, yes you can use the Arduino Dock for first time setup. The main difference between the Arduino Dock and Expansion Dock, aside from the Arduino part, is that the Arduino Dock does not have a USB to serial chip. Thus to connect to the Omega's command line, you will need to connect over SSH.

    Follow the steps in our First Time Setup Guide as usual, then follow our SSH Guide to connect to the command line.


  • Thanks a lot!


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