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WiFi performance with mac80211 driver vs Ralink

  • Has anyone else noticed that the standard LEDE build uses mac80211 for WiFi and that results in speeds approximately 30 times lower than the proprietary Ralink driver that the standard Omega2 firmware comes with (also used on the Linkit Smart 7688)?

    I like the form factor and I planned to integrate it into a project but WiFi speed really kills it for me - Linkit Smart 7688 has published sources that result in the exact firmware they ship with, so it's very easy to change. But I can't find a way to build a custom firmware with Ralink WiFi on the Omega2+.

  • omega2 developers stated a few days ago that a new wifi driver will be ready around the end of august.

  • @Douglas-Kryder There's no need for a new driver, the Ralink one they're using (and that Linkit Smart 7688 also uses) is perfectly fine. They just have no sources or instructions on how to build a custom LEDE firmware with that driver, they point to the vanilla LEDE that supports the Omega2+ but only with mac80211 driver. Of course, if they can improve the performance of mac80211, that would be great, but the Ralink driver is quite a bit faster (and smarter too, for instance it support Client Bridging, something mac80211 doesn't).

  • @Razvan-Dragomirescu tell that to them. i was just telling you that they are coding a new driver. you can argue all you want if it is needed. i have no opinion on if they need to do it.

  • @Douglas-Kryder I know, wasn't pointing this at you, sorry if it sounded that way. I'm just frustrated by some of their choices. I hope they read these threads, a quick search shows that this has been requested many times before.

    Thanks for your help and my apologies if I made it sound like you had anything to do with Onion's choices of drivers/technologies.

  • Any updates on this new driver? We need to do a custom build and the wifi is killing us. I'd hate to have to ship a wired ethernet only product.


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