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Wifi setup - possible to change default behaviour?

  • Hi
    I need to connect Omega to a wifi router but this router will not provide internet, so Omega is rejecting is and resetting wifi settings to default

    Any way to change that behaviour?

  • You need to explain exactly what you mean by "will not provide Internet".

    I don't usually use Onion's software stack on the MT7688, but I'd be a bit surprised if it rejects an access point merely for not having a link to the outside world, chances are your problem is more fundamental.

  • If the router or any other device you are connecting to is not setup in a way to provide internet Omega rejects it. F.e. solar panel equipment or other wifi connected equipment.

    I managed to fix it manually by editing network interface configuration file

  • administrators

    Running which wifisetup and which wifimanager will show you where the respective scripts can be found. They're both shell scripts so they should be relatively easy to read and figure out what they're trying to accomplish. From there, you can edit them to get the behaviour that you want/need.

    The code is also available on GitHub: https://github.com/OnionIoT/wifi-manager

  • @Marcin-Szterling said in Wifi setup - possible to change default behaviour?:

    If the router or any other device you are connecting to is not setup in a way to provide intern

    Again, you are going to have to be specific about what it means to "provide internet".

    Likely there is something more fundamental missing, like no DHCP server, or no support of clients at all.

  • @Chris-Stratton
    OP wants to connect to some Wifi AP (a "router", some solar panel equipment, etc) which doesn't have Internet connection
    using the web based Setup Wizard.

    2nd step: he will choose that AP's network - set SSID, Security, Password and click Configure Wi-Fi.
    Omega's response: Configuring ... and after a while ... Unable to connect to SSID Please try again

    Meanwhile APCLI LINK UP, connection established, ifconfig OK, /etc/config/wireless OK although every Please try again attempt appends a record to the file.

    It seems this config can be set manually by wifisetup or UCI or editing the /etc/config/wireless file - without problem.
    I don't know - is this "reverse" config worse than the usual one (when that solar panel equipment's client connects to Omega's AP) or not?

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