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WiFi Stops Working after Router reboot or power-loss

  • I have been observing a consistent problem with the Omega2+ WiFi setup. The Omega2+ is connected to my Home Router over Wi-Fi.

    Everything works absolutely fine till the time the Router either loses power and reboots.

    The Omega2+ now does not connect to the Router over Wi-Fi - and the only way to get it back to work is to connect it over the USB port, use serial console to login and just run the 'wifimanager' - once you run it things go back to normal.

    Important point to note the rebooting of Omega2+ does not show this behavior. It's only when the router loses power.

  • @Ashu-Joshi What happens if you either:

    a) try it with a different router

    b) power cycle both the Omega2 and the router at the same time?

  • @Chris-Stratton

    1. Different router same result

    2. If I power cycle both - and if the Router is NOT up before the Omega2+ same thing - the wifimanager has probably already run and the Wi-Fi network was not up yet - so know it does not work.

  • you could go to wifi settings in the console and check to see there is only 1 instance of a network to connect to-namely that router. cause if that network [the router ip] is not the only one then as soon as it drops off the omega2+ will connect to the next available network with highest priority. like if your cellphone is a hotspot. i wonder if it's possible the omega2+ is connecting to your neighbors router and waiting for a password even though it is not on the list.

  • @Douglas-Kryder There is only one instance. I am not sure what is going on.

    Once the above described situation happens - when I recycle power to the Omega2+, it won't still connect to the Router.
    The only way to make this work is to connect to the Omega over USB, log on and then run the 'wifimanager' again till the apcli interface shows up (that is running it first time may not work, may have to run the wifimanager again).

  • Another Update:

    I have a cron job that collects and logs data to my Mac over the network connection (HTTP). The cron job invokes a script every 30 minutes.

    I modified this script to check if Internet access is working, and if not run 'wifimanager'...

    but this does not seem to fix the problem.

  • just a thought here, many home routers have a web page that comes up as, or i guess whatever the router address is on the home network, after login to router there are a series of pages one of which is a network map, have you checked to see if the omega2 is shown on the map? both before and after a router reboot.

  • I have similar problems with my Omegas. They will always forget my WiFi whenever their power is cycled. I have to connect to their builtin WiFi and reconnect them manually to my WiFi using wifisetup.

  • I have exactly the same problem, does anyone have a solution or work around please!

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