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How to properly shutdown Omega-2?

  • As far as I know, incorrect disconnection of the electronic device can damage it or the data on it. How to properly switch off the power of Omega-2?

  • @CAP-33 I just know about the poweroff command in the shell. On my extension dock it shuts the omega down, but then auto-restarts. So I just pull the power after I think it powered off. Don't know of there's a better way to keep it powered down.

  • @CAP-33 i have been issuing a reboot from a ssh terminal and then watch the device and when the LED goes off i remove power. so far i have not had an issue with data loss. i do remember when the device was first released the suggestion from an onion rep was just unplug it at any time.

  • I have had the file system corrupt after a while with just switching it off. Is there a way to protect that? Read only?
    This could become a problem if the device is in a remote location.

  • Wow, I wasn't expecting this kind of problem in an IoT device. I can't randomly plug off the device without worrying about bricking it? Have i been lucky? I've been working with some for some months now and didn't brick a single one and I indiscriminately plugged them on and off.

  • Not a perfect solution,but I added a sync to my ifdown hotplug event script. So far no issues with corruption as a result of unplugging devices. Touch wood!

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