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Too hot?

  • Hello.

    I have two Omega2+ and both are getting (in my opinion) too hot. Close to 50 Deg. C.
    It is so hot that I can hardly keep my finger not he metal case and even the carrier boards
    are getting very warm. I use a regular USB connection to a powered USB hub.

    I can communicate with both via SSH/Wifi or USB/serial port. I ran the Python Oled
    news ticker with no problem which would indicate that the boards are working.

    As anybody else noticed this high temperature?


  • @Arthur-Dubois
    two more Omega2+ were delivered today and they are as hot as the first 2.

  • i have 3 omega2+ that are from the time period of the initial kickstarter release and 1 of the 3 has always run hot. it has run almost every build from the start until the current one with no difference in operating temperature range in that every build runs hot. this leads me to think that maybe some component on the board is bad. my guess is that it is a bad capacitor, although i have no idea what the actual issue is. like your unit, this one seems to operate, in respect to software , just fine.

  • @Douglas-Kryder thank you for your reply Douglas.
    I might be wrong but there was one instance were it was running cooler and if I remember correctly it was connected over the serial port not the wifi and no application was running except the command line prompt.
    I'll have to try again.
    As for the capacitor I doubt that as it would have died at
    that temperature. Aand the hot spot would be more localized. And 4 boards, that would be really surprising.
    I' ll report tomorrow about further tests.

  • Always check the soldering on the PCB to see if any residual solder debris there causing short circuit condition.
    There were cases that some early K.S. products had the problem (e.g., one of mine could not boot, until I remove the short... Of course YMMV)

  • @ccs-hello thanks ccs. I measured the current this morning as 180mA and the board remained cool until it connected to the wifi. Seems to match the findings in the link you posted.
    I have 4 Omega2+ and all behave the same.

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