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ANATEL (RF) certification

  • Hi,

    How can I find files and instructions to guide an ANATEL certification test for Omega 2+?

    The setup is similar to FCC, so the same resources are supposed to work.


  • Hi,

    Any clue about the RF certification matter?

    All I need are the files and/or application needed to exercise the continuous emission tests.

  • @ekt2018 Not quite clear what you're asking for.

    ANATEL, as with U.S. FCC (e.g. Part 15) or DoD (e.g. MIL-STD-188), would provide specifications for the requirements that would be met. Same for RTCA (e.g. DO-160) for commercial aircraft. ANATEL may be like many, if not most, such organizations around the world that merely reference US specs. Those would be the requirements sources.

    Many countries (is Brazil one of them???) would grant acceptance with documentation of certification against some of the above sources.

    Or...are you asking for something closer to the O2 itself? Such as "what did Onion do and where is it documented?"

    Clarification of what you're looking for may help a bit...or a lot. ;^)



    ANATEL demands every RF emitting product to be tested and certified regardless of existing FCC certification.

    So I intend to apply for ANATEL certification of my product which contains an O2 inside.

    It's basically emission tests.

    All I need is a tool to exercise O2 to provide continuous emissions in order to be measured at the RF lab so it can be checked and verified to be OK.

    I have applied for certifying other Wi-Fi and BT modules. Usually they require a special firmware and an application software to send certification-specific commands.

    I couldn't find a channel to request that items directly from Omega since they direct all tech requests to this forum afaik.

    Do you know somebody at Omega to talk about the matter?

  • @ekt2018 Your most recent description is much clearer! Thanks!

    Quite apparently you need that individual inside Onion that was the responsible engineer for the certification tests that got them the FCC and EU certs. For that, I don't know of the person.

    I sure would like to know as well. Fortunately for me the product I've shipped is deployed on buoys in the US, so I'm clean with the FCC.

    If indeed the correct person is found I wonder if they would release the certification test report to you as that may be all you need. If the FCC & EU cert tests they were required to do meet the ANATEL specs you may be golden. Now...finding the person and getting the test report.... What I mean here is if it's been tested, it's been tested. You would not need to replicate if specs are met for emission testing.

    Good luck! Let me and the community know how it goes.

    @Lazar-Demin Could you point us to the Onion RE for emissions testing?


  • @Lazar-Demin

    Can you help us?

  • you might get a contact name by doing a search on the fcc site for the onion fcc registration documents. sometimes those documents list the person at the company who handled the registration sometimes companies hire 3rd parties to deal with the fcc registration and then have no 1st party contact.

  • @Lazar-Demin

    How can I put an Omega2+ into test mode for RF certification purposes?

    I understand that at least I will have to install a special image.

    How can I have this image?

  • administrators

    @William-Scott See this FAQ post for details on where to find our Omega certification documents: http://community.onion.io/topic/3343/faq-where-can-i-find-certification-info

    @ekt2018 I've sent you an email with next steps

  • @Lazar-Demin Thanks!!!!


  • @Lazar-Demin as requeste by @ekt2018 , I need the special image to submit Omega2 to RF certification too (ANATEL).

    I need to put Omega2 in the continuous emission tests.

    Could you send an email with this steps?

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