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FAQ: I can't get to the Setup Wizard, help!

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    If you've run into issues with our Getting Started guide.

    A Few Things to Check

    Connecting to the Omega's Network

    Was your connection to the Omega's network successful?
    Can you check that your computer has an IP address from this network? It should be 192.168.3.X, where X is some number between 2 and 255

    Correct URL

    Next, the url that you type into your browser should be http://omega-XXXX.local/

    Where XXXX are the last four digits from the sticker on your Omega, they should also be the same hex digits from the WiFi network name.

    If you are running Windows, installing Apple's Bonjour Service seems to help with accessing the http://omega-XXXX.local/ site.

    If you are having issues connecting to the Omega at http://omega-XXXX.local/, try using

    Browser Issues

    Some users have reported issues with Firefox and IE where the login prompt either doesn't ever load or loads and then disappears.

    We recommend using Google Chrome for the Setup Wizard.

    Issues Completing the Setup Wizard

    IP Address Collision

    See our documentation article on IP address collisions.

    It just doesn't work!

    No worries, everything the Setup Wizard does can be done from the command line, see our guide on First Time Setup using the Command Line.

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