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Omega is dead again

  • Hi all.

    Last few months I have a trouble with Omega. I have program in omega which use 98% of CPU. The temperatures of the Omega is about 42C. After some month is Omega dead.

    Is this temperature normal or not?

    Another option is the Omega is not in the Onion dock but on my own PCB, but voltage is correct.

    The dead Omega has only an LED shines. Serial Console only displays board information (like Board: Onion Omega2 APSoC DRAM: 128M) but no bootloader or something similar. Reset button do nothing.

    What do you think?
    Thx Zerog.

  • @Zerog said in Omega is dead again:

    The temperatures of the Omega is about 42C.

    Presumably this was the temperature of the shielding.
    Max ambient temperature of the SoC (without an external heat sink in still air 😉 is +55°C - so +42°C might have been permissible.

    Reset button do nothing.

    Presumably you are talking about the FW RST button.
    Did you also try to enter the U-Boot menu?

    Previously you wrote "i have power dock 2 and exp. dock". Why don't you try to reflash that "dead" Omega on your Expansion Dock?

  • @György-Farkas
    Hi. Thanks for reply.

    Why don't you try to reflash that "dead" Omega on your Expansion Dock?

    I try everything but NO U-Boot menu shown.

  • And again. New one Omega is dead. But something is different. U-boot menu (and the reset button) in the exp. dock working. I try to flash firmware from USB storage.

    What happened with the Omega to erase (or destroyed) internal flash?

    It is temperature case? I have small passive cooler on the Omega.

    EDIT: Flash the broken Omega is not possible 😞

    2: Mass Storage, USB Revision 2.0

    • Verbatim STORE N GO 12282013111500FD
    • Class: (from Interface) Mass Storage
    • PacketSize: 64 Configurations: 1
    • Vendor: 0x18a5 Product 0x0302 Version 1.0
      Testing BULK mode...Identifying a storage device...
      USB_STORAGE: 1 Storage Device(s) found

    After this line flashing freeze.

    I try some USB storage with new one Omega and flashing was success, so USB storage and firmware are OK.

  • Check the power first...
    Golden rule of getting Omega2 to work reliably.

  • @ccs-hello


  • i've read that these omega2 devices can use up to (and sometimes over) 1A , so it's important to have the current available when needed. but with all the heat i'd guess current is ok. i have one that gets hot but it still works although i do not use it much cause i figure at some point it will self destruct. but, the usb flash routine is just the image and i think there is another process to do in order to restore the bootloader or uboot or whatever it's called at least that's what i remember.

  • If I had a device that was consistently running at 98% of CPU, I'd be using a more powerful device.

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