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UFL antenna connector?

  • @Ken-Conrad The power setting on the Omega is 16-18dBm.

  • Wait! Not sure if a directional antenna can be used in my application. As you recall the idea was to place one Omega just inside the garage picking up the existing wifi signal and extending it to the vehicle in the street. Where there would be the final link in the chain, another Omega.
    The idea behind using directional antenna was to narrow the area of the wifi signal thereby providing a stronger signal. A by product of using the directional antenna would also narrow the visibility from prying eyes as to the presence of the wifi signal. Not a major concern but nice added bonus.
    But if I add a directional antenna to the "garage edge" Omega won't I lose the access point connection between my router and the same Omega beings it is now a directional rather then a omni antenna?

  • @Rudy-Trujillo Will your router be located nearby to the Onion? Say you have a panel antenna of dBi 9 connected to your Onion, a typical radiation pattern for these could be 70- 100 degrees wide. You can receive the WiFi signal outside of this cone, but not very far away. In my experience if the router is within feet of the panel antenna ie in the same room, the antenna will have some signal radiation to the side and behind the antenna that the router could connect with. If the router will be in another building or further away, then you probably need another antenna aimed in that direction. You could use a second Onion connected to another antenna, provided you can connect them together via wiring , or...

  • Unfortunately it is on the outer edge of the wifi signal.

  • Could some address this? If I add a directional antenna to the pads on the Omega what will be the affect to:
    Setup of as AP
    Setup as Extender
    Wondering what happens if you add directional antenna to the board will my router no longer be able to talk to the Omega. Meaning the addition of the directional antenna cancels the AP?

  • @Rudy-Trujillo You question is a bit vague. I suspect you are concerned that using an Onion with a directional antenna will mean the Onion can no longer connect with a router which is located outside of the broadcast envelope of the directional antenna. This may be the case, as a lot of things can affect the effective signal range of wifi... the type of wall(s) in the signal path, whether the channel is clear or crowded by neighbors' equipment etc. Maybe you can get by with adding a better antenna to your router.

    Possibly no one has used a Onion yet with an external antenna. There are many examples of other routers doing what you want to do - I use TP-Link portable routers refitted with directional antennas as repeaters to control various Wifi cameras 300 - 500ft away. I see no software or hardware reason why the Onions can't do the same. Guys are doing asynchronous Wifi video up to a km away with Raspberry Pis. It works, even in HD video. I am waiting for ordered connectors and other antenna parts to range test some Onions. Standby buddy.

    Worse case, you might need a second Onion with another directional antenna pointed at the router. Otherwise, find a repeater that supports two external antennas.

  • I'm looking to enclose my onion in a metal enclosure, so I'll need at attach an external antenna. What is the manufacturer part number of the connector I'll have to solder on?

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    I hate to nitpick, guys, but the board is called the Omega!
    We, the company, are Onion šŸ™‚

  • Kind of noticed that loose naming usage on here but didn't want to be the on to nitpick Onion the bringer of Omega, all hail.

  • @Lazar-Demin Your web site product photos of the boards do say "Onion". Not a nitpick, just got it. My apology, these boards are Omegas and you are Onion Corporation.

  • @Jonathan-Rizzo said:

    I'm looking to enclose my onion in a metal enclosure, so I'll need at attach an external antenna. What is the manufacturer part number of the connector I'll have to solder on?

    Ditto. I am looking at mounting my Omega in a metal enclosure and weather proofing it. I I assume the UFL connect is similar to one of these

  • @T-NT Yup, that's what the U.FL connector looks like.

  • @Boken-Lin

    Yeah I solder one to the other Omega I got waiting for some cables now though. šŸ™‚

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