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Code editor error php on Omega 2 pro

  • Hi,
    each time i want to create a new file, in a new projet with Code Editor on my Onion Omega 2 pro, i have this error :
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mb_ord() in /www/apps/oos-app-code-editor/lib/diff_match_patch.php on line 2079.
    Same error on 2 differents cards.
    Onion OS version 1.0 Kernel 1.14.81
    Code Editor version 1.0.2-1.
    I just followed instructions with the documentation "Getting Started".
    I made several tests on Firefox and Opera under windows and Firefox and Opera under Linux Mint, i have the same message.
    Did anyone have the same error? Is there a solution?
    Thank you

  • I have lost my patience. The Onion Omega 2 card is not a stable product since the default editor software provided does not work. The card cannot be used by professionals who are looking for reliability in embedded software. Too bad, since at the hardware level, the card was interesting.

  • @frederic-bouchar we classify this as a dummy spit šŸ™‚

    Software development is a series of frustrations and if you spit the dummy every time things get frustrating, you better get a job driving a school bus.

    A better approach is to post some sample code and provide details of your firmware version and any other relevent information and the onion community are here to help you.

    Your reported error is not unique to Onion, just google it.

  • administrators

    The latest version, 1.0.3, of the Editor fixes the mb_ord error! Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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