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Moderators: can we get these spam posts fixed pleased?

  • Hello Mods,

    I'm disturbed by the number of spam posts appearing recently. Like the majority of visitors here, i come for the technical discussions, not to read some scammy schemes cluttering up a valuable resource. It also detracts from the brand. So please sort it out!

  • i second that. although i did go to the website and that oil looks like the liquid meth the feds are finding being imported into u.s. probably just snake oil, though.

  • @Douglas-Kryder every time you click on their spam you encourage them, so best to ignore them.

  • Yes, very annoying. Please, delete spam topics.

  • Please also, as expeditiously as possible, delete the offending accounts.

  • @peter-garner-0

    Spam is on the increase via forums world wide it seems. But it is a case of active moderation and proper security practices. Sign ups need to be verified yes, but also activity needs to be monitors. Usually discourse handles it pretty well but in practice it requires a moderator to really fine grain things.

    I am guessing the onion boys have too much else to do but looking after a community forum should really be left up to the community. A known good contributor and regular to the forums can be deputised to that end and at least fill in the gaps when the admins are away. Time zones are a pain regardless of the industry you are in so might be good to get multiple candidates from different areas of the world to help out.

    Just a thought..

  • I agree, designate some users with moderator privileges could be the solution.

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