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Unicode characters in ssh session

  • When I log in over ssh (from Ubuntu), I can write unicode symbols like ĀĒŠ just fine. Also, if I cat a utf-8 encoded file that contains such characters, it is outputed correctly.
    However, if I open the nano editor and attempt to enter a Unicode character, it is not displayed corretly. In fact, two or even three characters are outputed to the screen, and If I attempt to enter some other characters on the same row beyond the place where I inserted the Unicode char, then the cursor is displayed not exactly where the new characters appear, it's messed up. If I save the file and cat it out in console, the Unicode character is outputed correctly. I assume that those several characters is utf-8-encoded representation of that character, for some reason not processed correctly by nano.
    What could be done to fix this?

    P.S. I just checked the file opens nicely in the Onion console editor app, all Unicode characters displayed correctly. However, if I use the http Onion console terminal app, the behavior is exactly the same: can write the characters in the shell, can cat a file with those characters, but entering and displaying them in nano does not work.

  • @Pavils-Jurjans I wonder if nano has not been compiled with utf-8 enabled. You can type nano -V

  • Yeah... you're right:

    # nano -V
     GNU nano, version 2.7.5
     (C) 1999..2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
     (C) 2014..2017 the contributors to nano
     Email: nano@nano-editor.org	Web: https://nano-editor.org/
     Compiled options: --enable-tiny --disable-nls --disable-utf8

    I just installed it from an opkg package. Is the only way to fix this is to build it locally?

  • but @Pavils-Jurjans I don't use nano on Onion/OpenWRT I know that on Linux utf-8 increases the size of the binary, so I suspect this is why OpenWRT disable it. I just looked at the nano makefile in my build system here are the arguments:

    --disable-color \

    So if you build it you will need to update the makefile.

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