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FAQ: Why is the through-hole Omega2 pin spacing 2mm?

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    The Omega2 was designed with the goals of:

    • maximizing functionality
    • minimizing the size of the device
    • making it easy to access the I/Os

    A 2mm pitch for the headers was used to fit 32 pins on the tiny 42 x 26mm footprint.

    We did not want to compromise on the size or the I/Os offered, and by extension the functionality of the device.

    If the pin spacing is an issue for you, we have a few recommendations based on your goals:

    • If you're looking to connect your Omega2 directly to a 2.54mm pitch breadboard, we recommend our Breadboard Dock.
    • If you just need to wire out a few pins to an external circuit, any of the Omega2 Docks with an Expansion Header will be work
      • This includes the Expansion Dock, Power Dock, Arduino Dock, even the Breadboard Dock if you have male-female jumpers.
    • If you're looking to use the Omega2 with your own custom hardware, we recommend the surface-mount Omega2S

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