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  • Hi. I am trying to carry out a project with Omega2 + and I could use the schematics of the "adc-exp" board.

    I would like to read 5V analog inputs, so I would have to power the ADS1115 at 5V. This will cause the ADC1115's high logic output level to be 5V, but the maximum for Omega2 + is 3.6V.
    Also, the minimum VIH for ADS1115 is 0.7Vdd -> 0.7 * 5 = 3.5V, and omega has a maximum VOH of 3.3V.

    How could I solve this? The schematics of the ADC-EXP board could come in handy.

    Greetings and thank you very much.

  • @jose-r You don't have to do anything with an Onion ADC Expansion Board:

    • the power supply voltage of the ADS1115 is 5V
    • each I2C bus line has a usual 5V-to-3.3V MOS-FET bidirectional logic level shifter

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