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How to Ask for Help on this Forum

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    This community forum is a place for Omega2 users to share knowledge and help each other out.

    Before asking for help

    1. Try looking at the Technical FAQs section to see if your issue is frequently encountered.
    2. If not, try searching the forum to see if other users have experienced something similar in the past.

    Making a Post

    If you can't find any relevant posts, feel free to start a new thread. Keep in mind that if you're asking for help, you will get better results if you do a good job explaining your issue or question well.

    Other community users cannot offer helpful feedback if we cannot fully understand the issue you're experiencing or the context behind it.

    A Good Post Includes...

    To properly explain your problem and give context, here are some ideas of what you should include in your post:

    • Product being used
      • For Omega2, Omega2+, Omega2S, or Omega2S+, please provide some details about the carrier board being used. Is it an Omega2S Dev Kit, an Omega2 Dock, or is it custom hardware?
    • Firmware version
      • If it's custom firmware, let us know what it's based on (for example Onion's OpenWRT fork or vanilla OpenWRT, and which release)
    • Description of the issue and context
    • Expected Behavior
    • Observed Behavior
    • Steps to reproduce the issue
    • What's been attempted to resolve the issue
    • What kind of help are you looking for?
    • Attachments (if any)

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