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Need feedback on updated build system documentation

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    We've updated the readme in the Omega2 build system repo to better describe the process of customizing the firmware (and to link to external resources that go into greater detail).

    Find it here: https://github.com/OnionIoT/source#onion-omega2--omega2s-firmware-build-system

    We would love to get your feedback on the updated documentation: whether it covers everything that's needed, if it makes sense, what else should be added, etc

    Let us know!

  • Great update to the documentation Lazar, the improved detail should help new users get up and running more easily. Two suggestions I have since we know new users rarely read the complete documentation before posting.

    I would add the python scripts/onion-setup-build.py -c .config.O2-minimum command to the initial build instructions, then explain it in the later section. New users usually just want to see the build complete successfully. When it takes hours to build users get confused and frustrated, especially when it fails after a few hours.

    Firmware Images : explain the nomenclature used for the image names. To us it is obvious but to new users less so.

    There are just suggestions, the documentations is great.

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    @crispyoz good suggestions, thanks! šŸ™‚

    updated to include both suggestions as well as a notes on contributing and using the onion-setup-build.py script

  • Chances are if your products are more complex than a roll of paper towels, you create some kind of user documentation to help people learn how to use them.

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