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FAQ: How to check the clients connected to the Omega's WiFi AP?

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    Read /tmp/dhcp.leases to see the active DHCP leases. However, if a client disconnects, the DHCP lease will remain active for some time and the client will still be listed.

    To get around this and find a list of active clients, the command iwpriv ra0 get_mac_table can be used in conjunction with the DHCP leases.
    It will output a list of the MAC address of all connected clients.

    # iwpriv ra0 get_mac_table
    ra0       get_mac_table:
    MAC                 Avg RSSI Last RSSI AP  AID PSM AUTH CTxR  LTxR  LDT       RxB       TxB       Conn Time
    e4:ce:8f:0c:02:14   -53      -53       0   2   1   1    54    0     0         0         0         454

    As soon as a client disconnects, it will no longer appear on the get_mac_table output.

    This can then be cross-referenced with /tmp/dhcp.leases to get a list of active clients.

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