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Wifi issue. Unable to obtain ip address using dhcp on apcli0

  • Hello,
    I have a strange issue. I configured both AP and STA wireless interfaces.
    AP works fine. I can connect my devices to Omega2.

    The apcli0 interface cannot obtain an ip address from a 2.4GHz wifi router (other 2.4GHz devices work fine).
    apcli0 is associated. I can see the following log lines:

    kern.info ap_client: 'apcli0' assoc: yes, mac: 30:23:03:e0:dd:49

    The command iwinfo apcli0 info correctly reports the ESSID and the mac address of the access point:

    apcli0    ESSID: "MySSID"
              Access Point: 30:23:03:E0:DD:49

    The dhcp request is sended:

    daemon.notice netifd: wwan (18106): udhcpc: sending discover

    On the router (Openwrt too) I have log messages like the following:

    daemon.info hostapd: wlan1: STA 40:a3:6b:c5:8a:cc IEEE 802.11: authenticated
    daemon.notice hostapd: wlan1: AP-STA-POSSIBLE-PSK-MISMATCH 40:a3:6b:c5:8a:cc

    I don't know if the AP-STA-POSSIBLE-PSK-MISMATCH notice is relevant. I did not find any significant information on internet about it.

    Some check I did:

    • association with another router (not Openwrt)
    • flushing of firewall rules (fw3 stop; fw3 flush)
    • I changed options radio0.country and radio0.htmode

    Any suggest? How can I do more debugging?

    Best regards


    This is my configuration:

    • Omega2p
    • Openwrt 0.3.2 b246

    My /etc/config/wireless

    config wifi-device 'radio0'
    	option type 'ralink'
    	option variant 'mt7628'
    	option hwmode '11g'
    	option channel 'auto'
    	option disabled '0'
    	option device_mode 'apsta'
    	option op_mode 'preference'
    	option country 'IT'
    	option htmode 'HT20'
    config wifi-iface 'ap'
    	option device 'radio0'
    	option mode 'ap'
    	option network 'wlan'
    	option ifname 'ra0'
    	option encryption 'psk2'
    	option key '12345678'
    	option disabled '0'
    	option ssid 'Omega-8ACA'
    config wifi-iface 'sta'
    	option device 'radio0'
    	option mode 'sta'
    	option ifname 'apcli0'
    	option network 'wwan'
    	option led 'omega2p:blue:wifi'
    	option disabled '0'
    	option encryption 'psk2'
    	option key 'MyPassword'
    	option ssid 'MySSID'
    config wifi-config
    	option key 'MyPassword'
    	option ssid 'MySSID'
    	option encryption 'psk2'

    My /etc/config/network

    config interface 'loopback'
    	option ifname 'lo'
    	option proto 'static'
    	option ipaddr ''
    	option netmask ''
    config globals 'globals'
    	option ula_prefix 'fd1d:48c4:7633::/48'
    config interface 'wlan'
    	option type 'bridge'
    	option proto 'static'
    	option ipaddr ''
    	option netmask ''
    	option ip6assign '60'
    config interface 'wwan'
    	option ifname 'apcli0'
    	option proto 'dhcp'
    	option hostname 'Omega-8ACA'
    config interface 'wan'
    	option ifname 'eth0'
    	option proto 'dhcp'

  • @Alberto-Brosich This is a nice article on debugging wifi issues:


    The log should give you more information about what is going on.

    If you are associated but not getting an IP it may be an issue with your dhcp client, to confirm this set the proto to static and hard code the ip. After restarting the network see if you can ping your network router and (google dns)

    The results of this will provide more info as to where your issue may lie.

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