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MimeEnqueueForRecv errors

  • When I connect to the Omega2 via serial port, I get a ton of these errors, at a frequent rate, maybe 1 per minute.
    Doesn't seem to have any relationship to what I'm doing; they continue to build up when I'm idle.

    What doe it mean?
    Where does it originate?
    How can I fix it or silence it?



  • @dbell The message suggests there is an issue with your wifi connection, try changing to a different channel.

    In /etc/config/wireless you will have a section like this:

    config wifi-device 'radio0'
    option type 'ralink'
    option variant 'mt7628'
    option country 'US'
    option hwmode '11g'
    option htmode 'HT40'
    option channel 'auto' <---------------------------
    option disabled '0'
    option device_mode 'apsta'
    option op_mode 'preference'

    Try changing to a static channel, channels 1, 6 and 11 are 3 common choices as they have no overlap.

    You can use these commands:

    uci set wireless.radio0.channel=11
    uci commit wireless
    service restart network

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