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Micropython LVGL Colour

  • I have been playing around with LVGL and Micropython on the Dash and have had some success. I can't find much documentation on how to change styles in Micropython but I have been able to figure out how to change the main colour but cannot figure out how to change the colour when a button is pressed. Anyone have example code or know where there might be more complete LVGL Micropython documentation?


  • @Mark-Fisher the LVGL community is quite active, you may have more luck posting in LVGL specific community groups. https://forum.lvgl.io/

  • I am definitely going to try that next, but I think the problem may be specific to the Omega port of the Micropython library so I thought I would try here first.

    Sorry I wasn't quite clear in my explanation. I have found a few examples showing how to change the PRESSED colour:

    style.set_bg_color(lv.STATE.PRESSED, lv_colors.GRAY)

    which works in the emulator but doesn't work on the Dash. I get errors saying that the object has no attribute 'set_bg_color' and there is no module 'lv_colors'.

    Also this port doesn't have a textarea widget. So I am just wondering if there is any kind of documentation on what has been ported and what hasn't.

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    @Mark-Fisher the example code might be for the C version of LVGL?

    As far as I recall, they had pretty sparse documentation for the micropython port. But that might have changed, I haven't looked into it in quite some time.

    I agree with @crispyoz, your best bet is to go straight to the source and try posting on the lvgl forum. Let us know how it goes!

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