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Onion Omega LTE battery management

  • HI Sir,
    I have connected 3.7v lithium battery to an onion omega-LTE. the battery's fully charged battery. while testing i just removed the main power supply(USB-cable) after it suppose to run with battery power but here omega-LTE power interruption is happening. why stable not happened and battery voltage 3.9v is there. firmware(b.246)

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    Please refrain from creating duplicate threads back to back. If you forgot to mention something in your post, feel free to edit it. But please do not make another thread about the same thing.

    It's possible that, when you unplug USB power, the instantaneous current demand on the battery power circuit is too high, resulting in the Omega2 LTE restarting.

    If you just have a battery connected (no USB power) and use the switch to turn on the Omega2 LTE, does it work normally?

  • @Lazar-Demin
    Hi sir
    I tried using Switch also but the condition is the same "onion is restarting and sometimes whole board restarting"
    omega-pic3.jpg omega-pic2.jpg

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    @Nagarjuna-Reddy Does the Omega2 LTE work as expected when only powered by the battery? Ie the USB cable is unplugged and then the Omega2 LTE is turned on

  • @Lazar-Demin
    Sir when we attach the USB cable and battery I did suddenly switched off USB adapter power then immediately I observed the onion omega also restarting and later it's powered by the battery. We require, when the main supply sudden interrupts, the board should run with a battery immediately without any onion restart.
    For image reference plz check out my previous thread. I brought recently two omega-LTE devices with them also the same issue.

  • @Lazar-Demin Hi sir,
    I observed the problem. The issue is when i used to give power from the laptop to Omega-LTE through a USB cable i didn't find any onion restarting when i did USB directly disconnection/connection. Only i find the onion restarting when the USB cable is connected to 5V & 2Amp Adapter after did switch OFF/ON... for that is there any solution to do?.

  • @Lazar-Demin hi sir any update on this issue?

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy I'll see if I can duplicate your problem, but I do not understand your reply to @Lazar-Demin. Also what is the battery rating? 3.7v XXmA ?? XX is?

    As @Lazar-Demin asked, please follow these steps and report the results.

    1. Switch off Omega-LTE
    2. Disconnect USB power
    3. Switch on Omega-LTE

    Does the Omega-LTE boot and function correctly or does it restart when it is booting up?

    Assuming this boots and functions OK then we do a second test.

    1. Boot Omega-LTE while connected to battery only, wait until Omega has completed boot and is fully functional
    2. Connect USB power.

    Does the Omega-LTE restart?

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