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STP files for boards

  • Hello,

    I'm building enclosures for my Onion Omega devices and wondered if there are any stp files for the boards that I can import into Fusion 360

    • Onion Omega2 Pro
    • Onion Omega2 LTE
    • Onion Omega2 Dash
    • Power Dock 2

    I also have some other expansions, like ethernet.

    The STP files can make my life a tad easier. I saw some DXF files, but they ended up being rendered as 2D drawings, which doesn't help much with tolerances and clearances.


  • @bloudraak A few of us have produced cases for Omega2Pro and Dash, these are in STL format but you can of course convert these to STP format.

    I think Pro, LTE and Dash are perhaps useful but docks are designed to be development tools so not sure why you'd need a case for these.

    My Dash case is here:


  • @crispyoz said in STP files for boards:

    docks are designed to be development tools so not sure why you'd need a case for these.

    Thanks for the references. That case looks pretty cool.

    I have a ton of development boards ranging from PowerPC, MIPS, RISC-V, ARM, and whatnot. I'm not designing a case for each one, but instead an enclosure that would allow me to "mount" them on a rack-mounted shelf. Given the expense of obtaining some of the boards, or the difficulty getting them (because they are no longer being produced, or there's a shortage due to supply chain issues, etc.), I'd rather have them in an area that's well ventilated. These boards are being used for development, including being part of a CI/CD process, testing, and such... which doesn't require me to have it on my desk or somewhere accessible -- storing them in a rack for those purposes is perfect. This includes the docks...

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